Medical Improvements Now And In The Future

Medical improvements continue to grow by leaps and bounds.  From the onset of using leaches to digital computer technology, medical equipment has been constructed with medical grade stainless steel which prevents the transfer of illness and disease.

Surgical techniques

With the advancement of medical technology surgical techniques have also improved.  Previously large incisions were needed in order to open up the body to do an internal repair.  Today, small incisions done with lasers are performed.  These laser incisions help with limiting infection, recovery times are decreased, and scaring is almost nonexistent. 

Scanning machines

New scanners are now available.  With these scanners what was once done with large machines can now be done with tools that we can hold in the palm of our hands.  With a wave of a wand your temperature can now be taken, blood pressure and even heart rates can be known. 

Medical records

medical grade stainless steel

With the advent of these new technologies the ability to record and share medical records with patents and doctors is now possible.  Many hospitals and doctors’ offices are now given access to a cloud based platform that will allow all of their data to be saved and locked behind a user account.  Users can now log into these systems to see doctors’ notes, make appointments, request refills and much more.  Through these advancements the quality of medical care can increase which is good for everyone.

Improving healthcare

To improve healthcare the advancement of this and other technologies will help to bring us to the era of Star Trek and beyond.  What was once dreamed of in television science fiction has now become science fact.  This just leads one to wonder what the future that we create will look like and what advancements in medical treatments and human evolution will result.